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These modern forms, which exist from so many movements and layers, gain their character structuring through the unique way of existence of the void. The existence of these amorphous works, which are not similar to each other at all, is transformed from being a void into a form by the colour, texture, plasticity and shaping of the clay. At the point where we finally arrive, we see that the expressions "the form of emptiness" or "the emptiness of form" gain the most appropriate depth of expression.


I grew up in the historical and majestic landscapes of Istanbul (Constantinople), which has been the capital of many empires. I had the opportunity to face many realities in the lands where I lived. I tried to carry both humanity and the impression of the city to my works within the influence of history on architecture and the effort of a developing metropolis to keep up with the order.


Each quality/part in my works is the reflection of my impressionist power on my works in the process. I have focused on being determinative in production and practice. As an artist who tries to be in nature and one with nature due to the determinative style, I try to add a critical perspective to both today's architectural aesthetics and the geography I live in.


What has influenced me the most while creating my works has been the expressive language of nature. The way the water gives life to the soil, the way the wind shapes the rocks with the waves, the way the sun dries the soil and finally the way the wind leaves a tree naked. These and similar inner descriptions offer us the cycle of the universe, the identity of nature, simplicity, texture and layers.



I create each work by attributing unique and personal values with the interiority and sensitivity of the geography in which I am located. This method, which I strongly identify with, has given me both a good impressionistic contract and a determinative aspect. In the creation of the products, I include the existence of the soil in nature, its matte and rough texture, its real, imperfect and simple beauty and its understated expressive language in my creation and finishing processes.


Every work I have created presents both the geography I live in and the language of nature I have internalized as a unique value. This value provides a priceless inner journey for me. The fact that the geography I live in is a part of my destiny motivates me with hope in every work I create.

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